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Hockeytoronto League

Bruins 9-3-1
Vipers 7-4-1
IceHogs 5-6-1
Devils 5-7-1
Leafs 2-9

Friday Jan 10th (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 8, Vipers 3

Sunday Jan 12th (at Chesswood)
830pm IceHogs 6, Leafs 3
930pm Devils 1, Bruins 1

All players are asked to text/email 
when they cannot attend a game!!!

Friday Jan 17th (at Chesswood)
No games scheduled - Aeros tournament

Sunday Jan 19th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 4, IceHogs 3
930pm Bruins 6, Leafs 4

Friday Jan 24th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 3, Devils 2

Sunday Jan 26th (at Chesswood)
830pm Leafs 5, Devils 2
930pm Bruins 1, IceHogs 0

Friday Jan 31st (at Chesswood)
830pm Bruins 4, Vipers 3
930pm Devils 3, IceHogs 1

Sunday Feb 2nd (at Chesswood)
930pm Bruins 5,  Leafs 2

Friday Feb 7th (at Chesswood)
845pm Devils 6, Vipers 4

Sunday Feb 9th (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 4, Bruins 3
930pm Leafs 6, IceHogs 2

Friday Feb 14th (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 2, Vipers 0

Sunday Feb 16th (at SCOTIABANK POND)
745pm Vipers 5, Leafs 2
845pm Bruins 5, IceHogs 4

Friday Feb 21st (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 6, Devils 3

Sunday Feb 23rd (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 3, IceHogs2
930pm Bruins 4, Leafs 3

Friday Feb 28th (at Chesswood)
830pm Bruins 5, Devils 1
930pm Vipers 4, IceHogs 4

Sunday March 1st (at Chesswood)
830pm Bruins 4, Leafs 2
930pm IceHogs 7, Leafs 5

Friday March 6th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 3, Devils 1

Sunday March 8th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 3, Leafs 2
930pm IceHogs 3, Bruins 2

Friday March 13th (at Chesswood)
830pm IceHogs 4,Devils 2
930pm Vipers 5,  Bruins 2

Sunday March 15th (at SCOTIABANK POND)
7pm IceHogs 4, Devils 3
8pm Bruins 4,  Leafs 2

Hockeytoronto League
Bruins 9-3-1
Devils 8-4-2
Vipers 6-8
Leafs 2-10-1

Friday Sept 20th (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 4, Vipers 3

Sunday Sept 22nd (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 6, Leafs 5
930pm Bruins 3, Devils 2

All players are asked to text/email
when they cannot attend a game!!!

Friday Sept 27th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 4, Bruins3

Sunday Sept 29th (at Chesswood)
830pm Bruins 2, Leafs 1
930pm Devils 5, Vipers 0

Friday Oct 4th (at Chesswood #3)
No ice - tournament 

Sunday Oct 6th (at Chesswood #3)
730pm Devils 1, Bruins 1
830pm Leafs 2, Vipers 5

Friday Oct 11th (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 5, Vipers 3

Sunday Oct 13th (at SCOTIABANK POND)
8pm Bruins 6, vs Leafs 2

Monday Oct 14th (at Chesswood)
730pm Leafs 4, Devils 2
830pm Vipers 5, Bruins 4

Friday Oct 18th (at Chesswood)
830pm Bruin 5, Devils 1

Sunday Oct 20th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 5, Bruins 3
930pm  Devils 5, Leafs 4

Friday Oct 25th (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 5, Vipers 4

Sunday Oct 27th (at Chesswood)
830pm  Bruins 5, Leafs 4
930pm Leafs 4, Vipers 0

Friday Nov 1st(at Chesswood)
No ice - tournament

Sunday Nov 3rd (at Chesswood)
830pm  Devils 7, Leafs 3
930pm Bruins 7, Vipers 4 EN

Friday Nov 8th(at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 4, Vipers 3

Sunday Nov 10th (at Chesswood)
830pm  Bruins 6, Devils 1
930pm Vipers 3, Leafs 1

Friday Nov 15th(at Chesswood)
No ice - tournament

Sunday Nov 17th (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 5, Leafs 3
930pm  Bruins 7, Vipers 3

Friday Nov 22nd(at Chesswood)

Sunday Nov 24th (at Chesswood)
830pm  Leafs 1,Bruins 3
930pm Leafs 2 Devils 2

New session starts in January!
Looking to add two more teams!
Cost is discounted to $325 for returning players
if paid by December 20th

Playoffs (3 game round- robin)

Bruins 2-1
Devils 2-1
Leafs 2-1
Vipers 0-3

Sunday Dec 1st (at Chesswood)
830pm  Leafs 5,  Bruins 4 ***

Sunday Dec 8th (at Chesswood)
830pm  Bruins 7, Devils 3
930pm Leafs 4, Vipers 3

Friday Dec 13th(at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 6, Vipers 3

Sunday Dec 15th (at Chesswood)
830pm  Devils 5, Leafs 4
930pm Bruins 5, Vipers 1

Sunday Dec 22nd (at Chesswood)
830pm  1st Bruins vs 2nd Devils
930pm 3rd Leafs vs 4th Vipers

New session starts in January!
Looking to add two more teams!
Cost is discounted to $325 for returning players
if paid by December 20th

Hockeytoronto League
Hounds 8-5-1
Wolverines 8-6-0
Majors 6-4-4
Leafs 6-6-2
Vipers 5-5-4
Devils 2-8-4

Friday January 15th (at ScotiaBank)
830pm Hounds 4, Devils 1
930pm Vipers 3, Wolverines 2

Sunday January 17th (at ScotiaBank)
9pm Leafs 4, Hounds 3
10pm Majors 2, Vipers 2

Friday January 22nd (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 4, Leafs 2
930pm Wolverines 8 Devils 4

All players are asked to text/email
when they cannot attend a game!!!

Sunday January 24th (at ScotiaBank rink 1)
9pm Hounds 5, Majors 0
10pm Devils 6, Leafs 4

Friday January 29th (at Chesswood rink 3)
830pm Vipers 3, Devils 3
930pm Majors 2, Wolverines 0

Sunday January 31st (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
9pm Leafs vs Majors
10pm Hounds vs Wolverines

Friday February 5th (at Chesswood rink 3)
9pm Hounds 5, Devils 3
10pm Wolverines 5, Vipers 1

Sunday February 7th (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
No games due to NFL Super Bowl

Friday February 12th (at Chesswood rink 3)
830pm Hounds 4, Vipers 1
930pm Wolverines 5, Devils 2

Sunday February 14th (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
8pm Majors 5, Leafs 1

Monday February 15th (at Chesswood rink 2)
815pm Majors 2, Hounds 0
915pm Leafs 7,  Vipers 2

Friday February 19th (at Chesswood rink 3)
830pm Wolverines 3, Majors 2
930pm  Vipers 6, Devils 2

Sunday February 21st (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
9pm  Leafs 6, Wolverines 2
10pm Majors 5, Hounds 1

Friday February 26th (at Chesswood rink 3)
830pm Wolverines 7, Vipers 2
930pm  Majors 7, Devils 2

Sunday February 28th (at Chesswood rink 3)
9pm  Hounds 6, Leafs 3

Friday March 4th (at Chesswood rink 3)
830pm Devils vs Vipers
930pm Devils vs Wolverines

Sunday March 6th (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
9pm  Leafs vs Hounds
10pm Leafs vs Majors

Friday March 11th (at Chesswood rink 3)
830pm Hounds 5, Devils 2
930pm Vipers 6, Wolverines 3

Sunday March 13th (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
8pm Hounds 3, Majors 3
9pm Leafs 9, Wolverines 7

Friday March 18th (at Chesswood rink 3)
8pm Devils 3,  Vipers 3
9pm Wolverines 4, Majors 3

Sunday March 20th (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
8pm  Hounds 2, Leafs 3
9pm Vipers 3, Majors 3

Friday April 1st (at Chesswood rink 3)
No games - Girls tournament at Scotia & Chesswood

Sunday April 3rd (at Chesswood rink 3)
645pm Hounds 4, Devils 2
830pm Vipers 6, Majors 2
930pm  Wolverines 6, Leafs 5

All teams play 3 round-robin games
All teams advance to finals
1 vs 2; 3 vs 4; 5 vs 6

Friday April 8th (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
845pm Hounds 3, Vipers 3
945pm Wolverines 7, Devils 2

Sunday April 10th (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
830pm  Hounds 3, Majors 3
930pm Vipers 5, Leafs 0

Friday April 15th (at Chesswood rink 2)
8pm Devils 6, Majors 0
9pm Wolverines 5, Vipers 5 (1-0-2)

Sunday April 17th (at ScotiaBank rink 3)
7pm Hounds 5,  Leafs 4
8pm Leafs  3,  Devils 3
9pm Wolverines 4,  Majors 4

(1st) Hounds (1-0-2)
(Tied 2nd) Vipers (1-0-2)
(Tied 2nd) Wolverines (1-0-2)
 (4th) Devils (1-1-1)
(5th) Majors (0-1-2)
(6th) Leafs (0-2-1)

Friday April 22nd (at ScotiaBank rink 1)
9pm Wolverines vs Vipers

Sunday April 24th (at ScotiaBank rink 2)
7pm Devils vs loser Wolverines/Vipers
8pm Hounds vs winner Wolverines/Vipers
9pm Leafs vs Majors

Hockeytoronto League
Vipers 6-3-5
Rebels 6-4-3
Wolverines 6-6-2
Hounds 5-5-4
Panthers 3-3-7
Devils 4-6-4

Friday Sept 25th
830pm Vipers 3, vs Devils 3
930pm Majors 4, Wolverines 4

Sunday Sept 27th
730pm Hounds 4, Panthers 3
830pm Rebels 8, Majors 5

Friday Oct 2nd
830pm Vipers 4, Hounds 1
930pm Wolverine 6, Devils 2

Sunday Oct 4th
730pm Hounds 3, Rebels 3
830pm Panthers 5, Majors 2

Friday Oct 9th
830pm Wolverines 3, Vipers 3
930pm Majors 4, Devils 2

Monday Oct 12th
730pm Panthers 5, Hounds 1

Friday Oct 16th
830pm Panthers 3, vs Vipers 3
930pm Wolverines 3, Devils 1

Sunday Oct 18th (at Paramount)
7pm Rebels 6. Hounds 1
8pm Panthers 4, Devils 4

Friday Oct 23rd (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 6, Vipers 2
930pm Vipers 6, Wolverines 2

Sunday Oct 25th (at Paramount)
7pm Hounds 4, Panthers 4
8pm Rebels 6, Wolverines 4

Friday October 30th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 5, Majors 3
930pm Wolverines 6,  Devils 3

Sunday Nov 1st (at Paramount)
7pm Vipers 5, Hounds 3
8pm Rebels 6, Panthers 4

Friday Nov 6th (at Chesswood)
930pm Vipers 6, Wolverines 4

Sunday Nov 8th (at Paramount)
7pm Hounds 5, Rebels 3
8pm Devils 5, Panthers 5

Friday Nov 13th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers 5,  Majors 1
930pm Wolverines 4,  Devils 3

Sunday Nov 15th (at Paramount)
7pm Rebels 4, Panthers 4
8pm Hounds 4, Wolverines 2

Friday Nov 20th (at Chesswood)
830pm Devils 4, Rebels 4
930pm Wolverines 6, Vipers 3

Sunday Nov 22nd (at Paramount) CANCELLED
7pm Hounds vs Panthers
8pm Rebels vs Vipers

Friday Nov 27th (at Chesswood)
830pm Hounds 3, Vipers 2
930pm Wolverines 5, Devils 4

Sunday Nov 29th (at Paramount)
7pm Hounds 3, Panthers 3
8pm Rebels 7, Vipers 5

Friday Dec 4th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers vs Panthers
930pm Devils vs Hounds
1015pm Wolverines vs Rebels

Sunday Dec 6th (at Paramount)
7pm Hounds 4, Rebels 2
8pm Devils 5, Panthers 1

Friday Dec 11th (at Chesswood)
830pm Vipers vs Hounds
930pm Wolverines vs Panthers
1015pm Devils vs Rebels

Friday Dec 18th (at Chesswood)
830pm 1st Vipers vs 4th Hounds
930pm 2nd Wolverines vs 3rd Rebels/Panthers

Sunday Dec 20th (at ScotiaBank)
8pm Winners of semis
9pm Losers of semis





































































































































Spring Season Schedule

Friday January 11th
No games due to a tournament at Chesswood

Sunday January 13th
All teams play (Rinks 3 & 4)
5pm Chiefs 6, Blues 2
515pm Kings 4, Tigers 3
6pm Devils 3 Vipers 3
615pm Hounds 6, Wings 2

Friday January 18th
830pm Hounds vs Vipers
930pm Blues 3, Kings 3
1020pm Blues vs Devils

Sunday January 20th
915pm Vipers 2, Tigers 1
930pm Chiefs 5, Wings 4

Friday January 25th
830pm Vipers vs Devils
930pm Kings vs Tigers
1020pm Blues vs Hounds

Sunday January 27th
915pm Hounds 4, Chiefs 3
930pm Wings 1, Tigers 1

Friday February 1st
830pm Vipers vs Hounds
930pm Wings vs Kings
1020pm Blues vs Devils

Sunday February 3rd
All teams play
630pm Blues vs Tigers
730pm Wings vs Vipers
830pm Hounds vs Kings
930pm Chiefs vs Devils

Friday February 8th
830pm Kings vs Devils
920pm Hounds vs Blues
1020pm Chiefs vs Vipers

Sunday February 10th
930pm Tigers vs Vipers
930pm Chiefs vs Wings

Friday February 15th
830pm Kings vs Hounds
920pm Kings vs Blues
1020pm Vipers vs Devils

Sunday February 17th
930pm Tigers vs Wings
930pm Chiefs vs Blues

Friday February 22nd
830pm Devils vs Kings
920pm Devils vs Hounds
1020pm Blues vs Vipers

Sunday February 24th
8pm (1) Vipers vs Wings
9pm (1) Blues vs Tigers
10pm (1) Chiefs vs Tigers

Friday March 1st
830pm Kings vs Vipers
925pm Kings vs Blues
1020pm Devils vs Hounds

Sunday March 3rd
915pm Wings vs Chiefs
1015pm Tigers vs Chiefs

Friday March 8th
830pm Chiefs vs Vipers
845pm Tigers vs Hounds
920pm Devils vs Wings
1020pm Devils vs Blues

Sunday March 10th
7pm (Rink 1) Wings vs Kings
745pm (Rink 1) Wings vs Tigers
845pm (Rink 1) Chiefs vs Hounds

All teams play three game round robin
followed by Semi-finals and finals

Friday March 15th
830pm Hounds vs Kings
920pm Chiefs vs Blues
1020pm Devils vs Vipers

Sunday March 17th
730pm Tigers vs Wings
830pm Chiefs vs Vipers

Friday March 22nd
No GAMES - Womens tournament at Chesswood

Sunday March 24th
All teams play!!!!
630pm Kings vs Vipers
730pm Devils vs Wings
830pm Blues vs Hounds
930pm Chiefs vs Tigers

Friday March 29th
No GAMES - Good Friday

Sunday March 24th
No GAMES - Easter Sunday

Friday April 5th
915pm Hounds vs Vipers
1015pm Blues vs Kings

Sunday April 7th
730pm Tigers vs Devils
830pm Wings vs Chiefs

Friday April 12th
Friday Finals

815pm Hounds vs Vipers
915pm Kings vs Devils (Kings defaulted)
1015pm Blues vs winner of Hounds/Vipers

Sunday April 14th
715pm (3) Blues vs Wings
715pm (4) Hounds vs Tigers
830pm (4) Winners of 715pm games
930pm (4) Chiefs vs Vipers

Friday April 19th
830pm Hounds s Vipers
930pm Blues vs Devils

Sunday April 21st
830pm Tigers vs Wings
930pm Chiefs vs (winner of Blues/Devils)

Fall Season Final Standings
Kings 8-3-2
Chiefs 9-4
Tigers 8-5
Blues 7-6
Vipers 6-6-1
Devils 5-7-1
Wings 4-7-2
Whalers 3-7-3
Hounds 2-9-2

Second half of the schedule starts Jan 4th
Players returning for the second half receive a discount
$350 by December 15th - $300 by December 1st
Cost for new players joining second half is
$400 by December 15th - $350 by December 1st
Adding two more team entries and have approx 15 individuals
Sunday games will be earlier (7pm, 8pm etc) starting March 1st

Friday December 14th
830pm (3) 4th Blues vs 5th Vipers
930pm (3) 6th Devils vs 9th Hounds
1020pm (3) 1st Kings vs winner of 4th vs 5th

Sunday December 16th
930pm (2) 2nd Chiefs vs 3rd Tigers
930pm (1) 7th Wings vs 8th Whalers

Friday December 21st
720pm (3) Devils vs Vipers
820pm (3) Blues vs Chiefs
920pm (3) Kings vs Hounds

Sunday December 23rd
930pm (2) Tigers vs Wings/Whalers
Note: Wings & Whalers are combining in January


Friday September 21st
830pm Kings vs Hounds
930pm Blues vs Devils
1020pm Puckheads 4, Vipers 2

Sunday September 23rd
845pm Wings vs Chiefs

Friday September 28th
830pm Hounds vs Vipers
930pm Devils vs Hounds
1020pm Blues vs Kings

Sunday September 30th
845pm (4) Tigers vs Wings
945pm (2) Chiefs vs Whalers

Friday October 5th
830pm Hounds vs Wings
930pm Kings vs Devils
1020pm Vipers vs Blues

Sunday October 7th
No games scheduled

Monday October 8th
Coed tournament 10am to 430pm

830pm Wings vs Whalers
930pm Tigers vs Chiefs

Friday October 12th
830pm Devils vs Vipers
925pm Chiefs vs Kings
1020pm Blues vs Hounds

Sunday October 14th
920pm (2) Wings vs Chiefs
945pm (1) Tigers vs Whalers 

Friday October 19th
830pm (3) Vipers vs Kings
930pm (3) Tigers vs Hounds
1020pm (3) Blues vs Devils

Sunday October 21st
1130am Blues 4, Wings 3
1230pm Vipers  Whalers
130pm (3) Tigers 6, Devils 2
930pm Chiefs 2, Hounds 1

Friday October 26th
830pm (3) Hounds vs Vipers
930pm (3) Chiefs vs Blues
1020pm (3) Kings vs Devils

Sunday October 28th
1215pm Tigers 5, Wings 3
930pm Whalers vs Chiefs

Friday November 2nd
830pm (3) Kings 5, Hounds 1
930pm (3) Devils 8, Whalers 6
1020pm (3) Blues 7, Vipers 4

Sunday November 4th
930pm (2) Whalers 3, Wings 3
930pm (1) Chiefs 4, Tigers 1

Friday November 9th
No games (tournament at Chesswood)

Sunday November 11th
915pm (2) Whalers 2, Blues 1
930pm (1) Tigers 3, Wings 1

Friday November 16th
No Kings game
830pm (3) Tigers 1, Vipers 0
930pm (3) Whalers 3, Devils 2
1020pm (3) Hounds 4, Blues 3

Sunday November 18th
930pm (2) Whalers 3, Tigers 1
930pm (1) Chiefs 8, Wings 2

Friday November 23rd
830pm (3) Kings vs Vipers
930pm (3) Kings vs Blues
1020pm (3) Hounds vs Devils

Sunday November 25th
1130am Devils 5, Wings 3 (EN)
1230pm Kings 2, Tigers 1
130pm Chiefs 5, Blues 3

930pm (2) Whalers 3, Hounds 3

Friday November 30th
830pm (3) Kings 5, Hounds 2
930pm (3) Kings 6, Devils 1
1020pm (3) Vipers 4, Blues 3

Sunday December 2nd
930pm (1) Tigers 5, Chiefs 2
930pm (2) Wings 4, Whalers 0

Friday December 7th
830pm (3) Blues vs Hounds (ex game)
930pm (3) Vipers vs Devils 
1020pm (3) Vipers vs Kings

Sunday December 9th
930pm Chiefs 3, Whalers 2
930pm Wings 4, Tigers 2