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Last Updated: May 9, 2006 - 4:04 AM

The most impressive way to display your cherished jersey.
Jersey Chair Co. specializes in turning your
cherished jersey into a comfortable memory.
Send us your jersey and we will manufacture
a quality chair using our patent pending design
For more information, contact us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a chair right now. Can you do rush orders?
No, the fine crafting put into these chairs requires 6-8 weeks to ensure a quality product.
We occasionally have some display chairs that may be available for purchase.
Please contact us to check for availability.
How well will my jersey stand up to be used as a chair?
When was the last time you wore out a hockey jersey?
These jerseys are manufacturered to withstand a high level of wear-and-tear.
You refer to 'Pro Model Jerseys' but mine is not a pro     model. Does that matter?
No, as long as it fits the required sizing dimensions. Keep in mind that pro models are generally larger in size and usually have better lettering, logos and a fight strap that lets you know their true character and authenticity.
What are your required sizing dimensions?
Laying the jersey flat down, it should have a minimum width of 28 inches seam-to-seam across the chest. Also, it should be at least 30 inches from the top of the back collar to the bottom of the jersey.
Can you make chairs out of more than just hockey jerseys?
Yes. We have made chairs using jerseys from different sports like baseball, football, etc.
Please contact us for more info at